Branding Solutions

Products are no longer just products, right? Would you say that Coca-Cola is just a soft drink or an iPhone is just a phone? No, right? Because they are much more than that. What sets them apart is the experience of using those products and the value they add to your life. The makers of the products know what they want you to experience and create a brand around that. This is where branding professionals come into the picture.

We, at Birth Marque, a branding and advertising agency in Chennai, are a 360-degree branding solutions company. We help our clients in all aspects of brand-building, starting from conceptualization to building brand awareness.

Our focus lies on serving start-ups and small businesses and ensuring they have access to a level playing field with their peers.

What is a brand?

Technically speaking, a brand is a set of features – like logos, typography, name, tagline, design, symbol, etc. – that sets companies apart. But a successful brand is much more than that. Building a brand is an interactive process that needs the company to be in harmony with its consumers.

As a branding agency in Chennai, we help you with market research to identify your target audience and their specific requirements. Research has repeatedly proven that proper brand marketing plays a pivotal role in customers’ purchase decisions.

Why is branding important?

A successful brand connect is emotional, and this is what we, as brand consultants in Chennai, help you build with your consumers. We aim to inspire in people similar feelings like Apple does in terms of high-end luxury gadgets or Nike does in the case of fitness equipment.

From our experience as a branding and design agency in Chennai, we can tell you that establishing a strong brand is essential for the following reasons –

  1. Revenue rise – Studies have found that a strong brand image increases a company’s revenues by over 20%. Forming a bond with buyers leads to repeat purchases and organic product promotion.
  2. Increased recognition – Building a brand is how a company makes itself known in the market and among customers. The logo is the most important element in this respect. Anybody would know Nike by its tick mark, and McDonald’s by its yellow M. As a branding company in Chennai, we help you design a logo using the golden logo ratio.
  3. Hire and retain talent - A right brand name makes it easy to hire and hold on to talented employees. Executives, on the other hand, take pride in working for a reputed organization. It helps foster a healthy work culture and boost productivity through improved morale.

Tips for building a successful brand

Contrary to what most people believe, branding does not end at designing a logo, building a website, and airing multimedia ads. These are just the starting point of a long journey.

Branding is more about the experience your business gives customers, understanding your business philosophy and making it known, keeping your promises, and the way you treat your customers after they have already purchased your product(s).

Some of the following tips might come in handy in the process. Branding is an intellectual and creative journey. Write down whatever ideas strike you, as, and when they do, so you can take them up later with your consultants.

Why choose us?

As a Chennai branding company, we do our best to understand your perspective and share it with your consumers. We believe we can assist you in the following ways –

  1. Experience – Our experience of helping companies across sectors and irrespective of size proves to be useful when building a brand from scratch. Right from formulating a brand marketing strategy to devising a brand awareness campaign, we do it all.
  2. Storytelling – Stories have, for ages, been a key tool to gain human attention and build a basis for human relations. Thus, it’s important to create a story around your brand and deliver it such that it has a lasting impact on consumers. As a branding agency in Chennai, we understand the importance of stories and have perfected the art of narrating them.
  3. Uniqueness – When we work with you, we ensure that you stand out from the crowd and make a mark even amid fierce competition. After all, that’s the hallmark of a successful branding campaign. Tiny details can set you apart from your peers, and these details are what we identify and hone.
  4. Complete attention – When you team up with us, we bring you to some of the most talented branding experts with their unique strategic and creative experiences. As brand consultants in Chennai, we have highly skilled designers, writers, creative thinkers, illustrators, and video and web producers in our team who collaborate to cultivate unprecedented and bold ideas.
  5. Consistency – Its consistency primarily decides the success of a branding campaign. You can’t put out two ads and three social posts in a month, and then be entirely inactive for the next quarter. We devise a strategic plan for your campaign and launch creatives at regular, consistent intervals to make sure consumers do not forget you.

A successful brand packaging is a perfect balance of an organization’s name, logo, values, story, and much more. The most important aspect is the intangible feeling of satisfaction a consumer gets when interacting with a brand. That indescribable experience is what powerhouse brands seek to attain to soar ahead of their competition. Our expertise as a branding company in Chennai lies in helping you find and build that edge and make your brand into a household name!


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